Judiciary Rolls Out Small Claims Procedures around the Country

By Wilson Kamukono

The Judiciary in Uganda has launched the use of Small Claim Procedures in five magisterial regions across in the South Buganda and Western Uganda regions.

The  launch was conducted in among other areas  Buhweju , Kalisizo, Rubirizi ,Lukaya and Sanga   Magistrates’ Courts to embrace Small Claims Procedure (SCP), bringing the total number to 93  of Courts with fast access to justice initiative targeting civil claims with subject matters below Ugx 10 million.

The SCPs launch was presided over by Justices: Tadeo Assimwe on Wednesday, Joyce Kavuma on Thursday and Justice Moses Kazibwe Kawumi the Masaka Resident Judge on Friday and Justice Henry Peter Adonyo of commercial division.

All events were attended by multitudes of religious, Civic leaders from the area who acknowledged the judiciary for bringing the SCP initiative to their areas .

“Small debts have been an issue for awhile, one can get murderer over failure to clear a debt as Littleton as Ugx 5000 but now that SCP is here, we shall inform the village on how to handle debts amicably.” Leonard Ahimbisibwe deputy Chief administrative officers Rubirizi district said.

He also added that people should stop fearing coming to court when summoned or when one has a matter and needs guidance.

“Courts are here to give us Justice; we from the government are working very well with the magistrate here.”  He added.

Justice Moses Kazibwe launching Small claims procedure at Kalisizo

Justice Assimwe urged the public to always use lawful means to resolve their disputes.

At Buhweju Magistrates Court, Justice Kavuma said she was glad she’s launching the procedure here and that she believes it will assist in reducing case backlog.

“We aiming at improving the Court’s performance and I’m glad that works well with us to deliver Justice to the people.”

At Kalisizo court, Mr. Ssegwanyi Abdu complained about the money lenders (kafunas) who do sign ridiculous agreements when seeking loans. “Tukoye mbaata”

The Chief Magistrate of Masaka Charles Yeteise asked the people of Kalisizo to embrace the procedure. “I’m encouraging the people of Kalisizo to embrace SCP; its here to help the needy because it’s affordable and very sufficient.” He said.

Justice Kazibwe too mentioned that he has observed that Masaka region has a huge problem with money lenders (kafunas) who take advantage of the illiterate.

” These kafuna people area huge problem in this region, I’m advising you people to learn to write proper agreements when getting loans from these people, better yet seek guidance from the LCs before you get played.”He said


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