JP Cuttings Ltd fail to meet Presidential Directive On Covid19.

The President Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union- ATGWU Usher Wilson Owere has revealed that JP Cuttings Ltd has failed to meet the presidential directive on Covid19.

Owere made the revelation while speaking to Journalists after touring the flower farm with ATGWU officials on Tuesday.

“We have found many people working inside, they only have water and soap, but people are working without face masks and gloves. On other farms safety measures have been followed there are over 600 workers here and they have not been following the safety measures which is a risk when they are in the same place” he said

Initially the ATGWU officials led by Owere were denied access to the farm by JP cuttings boss Piet De Jong together with the Human Resource manager Michael Kaddu which led to a heated verbal exchange that lasted for over an hour between the two sides.

OC Mpala ASP Immo, HR Kaddu (yellow shirt) and ATGWU president Owere during the scuffle

However after Owere threatened to cause the farm to shut down the duo, kaddu and De Jong accepted ATGWU officials to access the premises and carry out the inspection on condition that media is restricted from the inspection.

ATGWU officials have carried out inspection of several flower farms to assess the implementation of the President’s directive and Ministry of Health Guidelines relating to Corona Virus emergence.

“We are going to work with the ministry of health to send a team here to carry out samples to see if they can put in place safety measure for workers as they carry out their work or advise us on halting the farm operations for now during this outbreak” Owere revealed.

The farms are required to keep all workers in employment, pay their salaries and also provide them with proper equipment and utilities including face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

The Union has ably been at the fore front of assisting farms with masks,gloves and soap to stop the spread of the noble corona virus disease. And all firms have been able to comply with these requirements

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