Journalists Vow to Unseat Masaka Leaders

Several Journalists in Masaka sub region have raised up in arms to unseat Politicians within the area.

The journalists who include NBS’s Farish Magembe and Daily Monitor’s Wilson Kutamba have shown interest in unseating Kyotera County MP and Minister Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo and Rakai District Chairperson Rebert Benon Mugabi.

Kasolo, who taught Farish Magembe in his early childhood days has been MP for Kyotera since May 2011. He developed goosebumps on hearing the rumor that Magembe who happens to be the leading journalist in Masaka declare interest in the seat.

“He has told his close associates he wants to contest,” a voter in Kyotera told Entebbe Post. Magembe is also passionate about human rights and governance, a field the current MP Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo has greatly violated.

Kutamba, who is passionate about health and Natural Resources told Entebbe Post that Rakai district is under the immense desire for the resumption of health advocacy and the health youth-friendly corners to help improve the sector.

Wilson Kutamba

“We can’t continue looking on as our people suffer from poor health services. Our leaders ought to know that the time is up for reluctance and we need to find solutions,” Kutamba says.

Kyotera District was curbed out of Rakai in 2017. Both districts struggle with poor service delivery with a high prevalence rate of HIV. They are also the most at-risk populations in major disease infections of Tuberculosis, HIV, and the recent Corona Virus Disease Pandemic.

Both Magembe and Kutamba have been covering the societal challenges faced by the populations. They are considered the best scribes in the current generation of Media operators within the region.

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