Jinja: Traffic Police to arrest cyclists with a single number plate

Traffic Police in Jinja city has vowed to arrest all cyclists with a single number plate. Police will also arrest all cyclists riding boda boda’s with tilted number plates as part of the law governing body to curb crime in the area.

Charles Ssebambuulidde, the Public Relations Officer of the Uganda Police force in Jinja says, each boda boda must have two number plates but instead, cyclists remove one.

“It is an offense, you are supposed to have two number plates and instead have one. It is also an offense to tilt the number plate. It may have sinister objectives. Traffic officers are looking for them,” Ssebambuulidde said.  

He indicated that Police will immediately slap Criminal charges on whoever will be arrested in such acts. He also indicated that  intelligence reports gathered have hinted on the possible use the Boda bodas with tilted number plates to snatch bags from people.

Cyclists and government have for more than four years been phasing out motorcycles with a single number plate. However, many of such motor cycles with a single number plate remain in operation especially in the rural areas of the country.

The Traffic and road safety act, the Penal code act all penalize any motorist who moves without a clear identification of his vehicle number plate.


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