Islanders trapped, left to die without water ambulances

A patient being treated on a boat while on referral from Mazinga Health Center III, Kachungwa landing site, Kalangala District

Many Islanders are trapped, die on the way to Entebbe and Masaka regional referral Hospitals in quest for better medical attention.

Kalangala District neither has a water ambulance nor good transport means for Islanders in Kyamuswa constituency which has severally left Islanders trapped and left to die as boats capsize on Lake Victoria.

The district leadership is now struggling to convince government to offer cost effective water ambulances that would help the island people to move for referral to health facilities in Entebbe and Masaka.

Statistics from the District Health department indicate that averagely, 15 people die in capsizing boats while being taken on referral every year.

Also 9 people on average deliver babies in such boats, without health care services while in transit to a nearby health facility.

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