Islanders happy, unbothered by Kaka’s dismissal

Several islanders living in Kyamuswa county, Kalangala district have started celebrating the dismissing of Uganda’s spy master Col Frank Bagyenda alias Kaka.

Kaka who owns land and residential facilities in Kalangala was last week relieved of his duties as Director General of the Internal Security Organization by the commander in chief. He was replaced by Lt Col Charles Oluka.

Kaka’s contract had in December 2019 expired but the President kept the spy master in check, with Kaka anticipating that his contract might be renewed.

His regime was marred by Ugandans rights violations. However, in the face of Islanders, Kaka was “a pain that dusted the face of the hidden tourism treasure.”

The institution of safe houses on Lwamayiba, an island in Bufumira Sub County and the turning of Panaroma cottages into a detention center with self proclaimed murderer Paddy Sserunjoji alias Sobi haunted islanders.

“Kalangala was struggling to have a name, promote tourism and sale as a serene area for relaxing. Tourists had started coming into the area until they went into fear. Having detention centers and safe houses here scares away tourists,” says Kassim Kangave, one of the tour operators in Kalangala.

Days after his dismissal, residents at Ntuuwa landing site, Bunjazi island in Kyamuswa sub county celebrated the dismissal saying, his dismissal would in turn help as government relinquishes Lwamayiba island where fishermen would no longer go fishing.

“Our brothers drowned as they were being chased by Kaka’s soldiers at Lwamayiba, others were detained in the area and it is a win for us. We now request government to seize operating at Lwamayiba since there operations deprive us of enough fishing grounds.” Says Kasingye Ismail, a fisherman at Ntuuwa landing site.

Some tour operators also blamed the former Director General for shying away from tourism when he turned his eco tourism facility, Panaroma cottages into a detention center.

Some leaders who feared to comment on the matter on record told Entebbe Post that despite the challenges, Kaka can return to Kalangala, operate in the promotion of tourism and fighting against illegal fishing.

Kaka was appointed Director General of Internal Security Organization in January 2017 after the dismissal of then Director General Ronnie Balya and then Chief of Defense Forces Gen Katumba Wamala.

Both Balya and Katumba are said to have provided limited intelligence information at the time the UPDF and Police attacked the Rwenzururu Kingdom and later arrest of King Charles Wesley Mumbere.

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