Investigation; How Kalangala DPC was beaten

On Friday night, Kalangala District Police Commander Benon Byamukama was beaten by a group of drunkards on Buggala village, Kalangala town. Byamukama, who as barely spent a year in the island district, had gone to enforce the mandatory lockdown announced by President Museveni, in a bid to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus Disease.

Byamukama was beaten at a restaurant called Maama Muwada’s place where local brew and several whiskeys and beers are served to the average population around Kalangala town.

The place also harbors lodges where commercial sex workers engage in business. Some travelers to and from Kalangala sleep in the lodges as they prepare to embark on journeys in distant shores.

The DPC had received a tip off from some of the residents that a bar commonly known as Maama Muwada’s bar was operating, with more than 20 people taking liquor, past 9.00 pm. Afande Byamukama immediately swung into action.

A host of police officers were immediately called to go for an operation at Maama Muwada’s bar about 200 meters away from the Police Station.

“We immediately responded. We wanted to ensure that we reach fast and be able to disperse all the residents who were drinking. It would be risky for the police administration to leave such people because if reported to authorities, they would face it for defying presidential directives.” Said a police officer who asked not to be named.

On arrival, Afande Byamukama and the team first asked the residents to leave freely, only to be hulled with insults from the drunkards led by the bar owner, “Maama Muwada”.

Later, a fight ensured as the DPC and team tried to forcefully disperse some of the residents. It is at this point that Maama Muwada, the bar owner allegedly threw a bottle to the DPC injuring him immediately. “He bled and lost blood.” An eye witness told Entebbe Post.

Other officers were also beaten by the rowdy residents. Police was later reinforced by a team of about 8 officers who immediately came and took the DPC out of danger. “He was immediately taken to the Health Facility for first aid as we arrested most of the people who were in the area,” one officer narrated.

Maama Muwada, the alleged perpetrator of the crime is said to have held a grudge with the DPC since April this year. At the inception of the Covid 19 lock down, Maama Muwada was arrested by Police for allegedly operating a bar beyond 7.00 pm. She had earlier been warned by the DPC to stop the act.

She was later taken on remand in Masaka Prison as his neighbors including his husband and the area (Buggala) defense secretary processed bail at the Kalangala Magistrates court.

Upon release on bail, Maama Muwada told journalists that she had been battered by the Police while being detained and suffered major injuries in the back.

Currently, the DPC has been discharged from Masaka Regional referral hospital where he had been taken on Friday evening and currently receiving treatment and home.

Kalangala District Chairperson Willy Lugoloobi condemned the incident.                                                                 

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