Inside story: Why SFC arrested Civil Aviation Authority’s Human Resources Manager

Last week, the Special Forces Group, an elite force charged with the protection of the president, his family and key state installations arrested the Human Resources Manager of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Effrance Musimenta Mbagaya.

Mbagaya was arrested as she showed up at the Aviation Police in Entebbe to respond to summons by the Aviation Police Commander Boaz Katuzeyo after defacing President Museveni’s Posters.

It’s reported according to Daily Monitor that Ms Mbagaya reached the decision following complaints that emerged from some staff and the general public that the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority building was being turned into a campaign forum yet it is a public office.

She had among other things ordered the removal, defacing of President Yoweri Tibuhabura Museveni’s campaign posters that had been put up at the Civil Aviation main entrance, the main building among other places in the prescripts of the Aviation Body.

The planting of such Posters was done by the NRM Aviation team led by Tom Byarugaba, seeking the support of the Uganda Civil Aviation staff for Museveni’s candidature.

However, Asiimwe on seeing the posters remained distraught on the availability of such Posters on the Institution’s prescripts since it violets the values of the Institution supposed to be non-partisan.

In an engagement with some of the senior staff sources say, Mbagaya disagreed with the continued placing of such Posters within the area since it devalues the Authority.

“He against all odds decided to stand ground, ordered for their removal which in turn angered the Byarugaba NRM team.” A source at the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority said.

Byarugaba, who is also the NRM aspirant for Katabi Town Council Chairperson’s office later informed a team from the Elite Special Forces which immediately ran to arrest Mbagaya.

She was on Monday afternoon paraded before the Entebbe Chief Magistrates court, charged with defacing President Yoweri Museveni’s Posters, contrary to the Presidential Elections Act. She was later granted bail after presenting two sureties, an elder sister and a workmate.

Mbagaya however did not appear in court. Details of her whereabouts remain anonymous as her known phone numbers also remained not picked as Entebbe Post tried to reach her.

Vianney Luggya, the Public Affairs Manager of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority was not available for a comment by press time to offer stand on the current occurrences.

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