Increased Lake Victoria water levels destruct MVs Ssese, Pearl docking Piers

The increased Lake Victoria water levels have flooded MV Ssese and MV Pearl docking Piers at Bugoma/Luku and Bukakkata leaving passengers and drivers with no option but rather walking and driving through the risky water logged piers to board the ferries.

The flooding which started early in April have since sealed off the Bugoma Pier making the ferry landings, loadings and offloading difficult

At Bukakkata, the waiting area is currently seated almost inside the lake and the Bugoma Pier is fully logged off by water for distance of over 100m.

Despite the unusual occurrence, Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) the proprietors of MV Ssese and MV Pearl Vessels in a public statement have asked travellers to listen to instructions given by the ferry captains for safety purposes.

“Due to the increasing water levels both at Bukakkata and Bugoma piers, you are all advised to always move out of the vehicles before and after boarding the ferry.” the statement reads.

The Kalangala Assistant Resident District Commissioner Mr. Henry Lubulwa who made an onspot monitoring at the two piers on Tuesday asked the Senior Civil and Public Servants also to abide by the Ferry Operators directives along the Bukakata route during this season with because it is most desired, appropriate and professional to leave their cars and board the ferries.

“It is dangerous to board the ferry in a vehicle when the place is water logged because, in case of an eventuality, there may be no route for rescue. For anyone to be safe, operating under the International Maritime Standards, you ought to listen to the ferry masters, officers and captains. We do not want to have another incident like the capsizing of a vehicle like it was on MV Bukakkata more than 10 years ago.” Mr. Lubuulwa said

He said KIS and Government are already engaging to make the docking piers better and safe.

According to climatologists, the increased water levels in Lake Victoria have been exacerbated by the numerous dams constructed on River Nile causing new hydrological changes in Lake Victoria.

Meanwhile, the entire great lakes region has been affected by floods, which have caused the unusual loss of lives. By 30th May, Kenya death toll had reached 169 and that of Tanzania had tolled to 155 people. On Monday alone Kenya lost 66 people and 110 admitted at Naviasha hospital.

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