I am Proud to Serve – Evelyn Kigongo

Evelyn Kigongo is a young female Ugandan, aged 28. She comes from a family of 5 children. She is a humanitarian, ready to serve yet soaked with zeal for leadership. She aspires to be the Bukesa Women Councilor at the Kampala Central Division. Entebbe Postcaught up with her.

I was born at Nvuba Village, Jjeza Parish, Muduuma Sub County, Mawokota North constituency in the current day Mpigi District. I however stay in Kakajjo 1 village, Bukesa Parish, Kampala Central Division of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

I started off with early childhood education and later junior secondary at Mityana Standard SSS Kagavu, Star Senior School Jjeza (A-Level), then went to Makerere University where I studied a diploma in project planning and management.

I remember my mother leaving me with upkeep every time she had to be away from home. At least, she could not tell me what to use it for but she trusted that I would do the needful.

Am also proud to have been the first person to use a pen in my Primary three in my class and, it so turned out that i even became the head monitor of the class.

P 4 to P 6, I became a liturgy prefect and later, assistant prefect for entertainment in my S 3. I also served as a Maama wa Nkobazambogo before I joined the Democratic Party in 2015.

In 2016, i ran as a parliamentary candidate as the Mpigi woman Member of Parliament, lost to Sarah Temulanda Nakawunde. It was an incredibly good challenge that i managed and still hope for. Sincerely, I thank the people of Mpigi who despite not going through, belied in my ability.

In 2017, I started my advocacy for the girl child under my own initiative that i named Change A Girl Uganda, saw many of the young girls go through challenges that can be sorted. Girls turning into brides and, many without pads. Honestly, the girl child needs to be protected and empowered.

It is upon such background that I decided to offer myself election in 2021, contesting as the LC 3 Woman Councilor for Bukesa Parish, Kampala Central Division. I will surely be under the Democratic Party & am also for the People Power Movement.

I stand for service for all (Equity & inclusiveness for development)

I have stayed in Bukesa and for all that time I have felt the voice of the people in Bukesa hasn’t been heard. I would wish to use that office to empower & inspire young people, with my idea of Change A Girl Uganda I will of course lobby for both the young girls & women at large.


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