Human Sacrifice: MPs move to impose Death penalty as punishment

Member of Parliament on the Legal and Parliamentary affairs committee on the Prohibition of the Human Sacrifice committee move to impose for a death penalty as a sentence on whoever engages in the act.

The committee working to amend the Ayivu County MP private members bill on the Prevention and Prohibition Human Sacrifice Bernard Atiku private members bill want several amendments to be done on the bill to ensure that all those engaged in the act are severely punished.

The county has since 2004 been engulfed with several acts of Human Sacrifice, that has led to the death of several young children to the act with a view of actors to get blessings from the “Gods”.

Other Ugandans engage in the activity to trade human organs said to be expensively sold in different parts of the world.

 However, in 2020, Ayivu county Member of Parliament Bernard Atiku introduced a private members bill with intent to reduce on the rate at which human sacrifice was done in the country.

The bill sought among other activities to reduce on the rate at which the activity was done and reduce on the murder of innocent Ugandans due to the act.

Parliament later sent the bill to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee of Parliament led by West Budama MP Jacob Oboth Oboth.

The committee has today responded with a draft report seeking amendments in the bill to ensure that the act can be ended within the country.

The committee with consultation with the law and judgments from the judiciary now want whoever found culpable of the act be sentenced to death as one of the measures to reduce on human sacrifice in the country.

“A death penalty should be imposed on a person who commits the offense where such a person is a parent, guardian, or a person having authority or control over the victim of the offense or where the act results into death of the victim,” the report reads.

The committee also recommends that where a person causes bodily harm to a victim, “The person should be liable to imprisonment for life.” The committee recommends.

The recommendations of the committee will be presented to the committee of the full house of Parliament to ensure that such are passed into law for anyone who engages in the human sacrifice act.

The committee also recommends that a punishment should be instituted on anyone who carries out human sacrifice on oneself, “To ensure that no loophole that can be used to defeat the purpose of the act.”

The committee also recommends that part of the Bill albeit with the amendment to require an assessment to be carried out on the victim of the offence to determine the damage caused to such a person as a result of the offence of human sacrifice and to ensure that at all times during a criminal trial, adequate provision is made for dealing with physical and psychological effects of the offence of human sacrifice on a person without necessitating the institution of civil  against the perpetuator of such crimes.

Parliament is yet to debate the bill.

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