How Sudhir, Muganga rejuvenated Victoria University to World Class Education

Well, Victoria University has been known for years. Previously, as any ordinary institution that would act as an alternative to any student who wanted to get to university but failed to join any public institution. 

However, in the past few years, Victoria University has changed face. For anyone who would love to get quality education, competitive enough for the Ugandan Job Market, Victoria University – VU is now a force to reckon. 

“With qualified staff, absolute leadership, understandable and updated courses and efficiency, the University is now competitive enough to get to the triumph.” One of the officers at the National Council for Higher Education says.

The story of the evolution of Victoria University from its baby steps started off with the September 2013 acquisition of the institution by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia who immediately embarked on a process that saw the inception of mega administrative changes in the institution.

At the time of purchase, the institution which was affiliated to the United Kingdom’s University of Buckingham was in trouble. It had been asked to take a stand against discrimination by sex orientation. 

Upon failure to honor, Buckingham cancelled its affiliate program, stopped offering degrees, leaving it in perpetual limbo after courses were discontinued.  

Wit a decade long spell of interest and determination in investing in education, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia who owns Kampala Parents School, two of the most successful schools in Uganda, also sitting on the board of another successful Lohana junior academy, is said to have sunk USD 10 million into the university’s purchase. 

The Business Mogul would later invite then Canadian Based scholar, Dr. Lawrence Muganga to take over leadership of the institution as part of his efforts to rejuvenate it into a thriving institution worth international accreditation, recognition and accolade winning.

The institution has since 2013 held a number of graduation ceremonies, with more than 2000 students annually graduating from business, technical and professional courses ready to serve the world.

The University currently has more than 4900 students, with 2500 undergoing blended learning, under the VClass initiative. Under the system, students study, do course works and exams online, pay tuition and admissions online, for easy accessibility of services.

The University is currently having more than 200 international students undergoing such programs. Such integrated learning moves along with students learning only three days a week and work as volunteers two days to ensure that the students leave university with experience.

“This leaves many of the students with up to three years of experience and in a world where each company and institution needs experience to offer jobs, it is a starting point,” says Julius Bukyana, the corporate affairs manager at Victoria University.

Currently, courses at Victoria University go for as low as Ugx 480,000 for courses such as education while courses such as nursing, are seen as the most expensive at Ugx 1,350,000 and the related health sciences courses.

Currently, the university offers up to 100 courses, many of which are mainly taught at the University’s main campus along Kampala road in the capital Kampala.

With such leadership, the institution has created further awareness that has seen an increase in the number of students with further corporate engagement to ensure that Ugandans further understand why the institution is in place.

The school management predicts a surging increase in the number of students to 7,000 in the next August – September intake at the institution.

Students this website have spoken to intimated that currently, the institution has great rapport between the administration, students and the lectures, creating a trustful learning experience.

“For instance, we can easily find Dr. Lawrence Muganga, not only just of phone but also in office. He attends to us and makes it easy for us to understand the operations and how best we can benefit from what we study for the good of our lives,” one of the students that asked not to be named told this website.

Earlier this month, Victoria University held a graduation ceremony where more than 400 students graduated from various academic courses. The institution is currently ranked amongst the top 16 universities in Uganda. It is also expected to reshape Uganda’s education system through Career Readiness and Employability Program.

In August 2022, President Yoweri Museveni, through the National Council for Higher Education granted Victoria University a charter to further the quality of education in Uganda. The awarding of the charter meant, the University is now accepted to award degrees recognized at the National and International level.

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