How Obeid Kamulegeya rose to lead Makerere guild presidential polls

On Sunday this week, Byayesu Agrippa, the democratic candidate in the Makerere University Presidential Polls was supposed to participate in the guild presidential debate on urban TV.

No sooner had Agrippa stepped out get to the debate than it started raining within the Makerere University where he was setting off from.

“He had no vehicle and, his only option was to use a boda boda to get to Jinja Road complex where the New Vision, mother of urban TV is situated.” A student who witnessed the occurrences told this website.

Agrippa wondered how he would get to the debate without getting dirty with the dirty and murky waters on the streets of Kampala on a Boda boda. “His fear was that he would be ashamed of reaching when dirty on a debate.” The source added.

Later, Agrippa sought help from his competitor, the NUP guild presidential candidate in the Makerere guild race Shamim Nambassa. “Later we saw Shamim’s vehicle take Agrippa to the afternoon debate rising concern of the love and relationship between the two candidates,” another source told this website.

This prompted an investigation into why the two candidates are in such cozy relationship sharing details on how they can move forward into winning the race. It was later established that Judith Nalukwago, Gerald Oyeki and Marion Kirabo the management team for the Nambassa campaign are the same people managing the candidature of Mr. Byayesu Agrippa.

According a source within both camps, the NUP team managing Nambassa candidature at the beginning of the campaign striked a deal with the Uganda Young Democrats to have Byayesu Agrippa into the race, also ensure that a group of the Now Generation ideologies is bound to support Agrippa, since they cater for Nambassa, the NUP candidate.

“The deliberations between the two candidates, negotiations and the un agreed position between them portrayed betrayal by the Uganda Young Democrats. How do you move to succumb, agree to lose such an important race without consent from all people?” one of the sources told this website.

It is upon that background that the different stakeholders in the campaigns of both Nambassa and Agrippa briefed selves in a Monday late night meeting and agreed to pull resources, energies to support another candidate Obeid Kamulegeya, a grandson to Muslim cleric sheik Obeid Kamulegeya to lead the Ivory tower.

With such energies combined, the appealing character and brilliance of Obeid in the race prompted an immediate shift of support by the students from Nambassa and Agrippa to Kamulegeya who also represents the aspirations of the largest school of Education at Makerere University.

“He clearly represents everyone. Even other candidates remain scared. They have also called in all their party leaders to come and help them win but Kamulegeya is enjoying the last minute support with traits every persons believes are necessary for a great guild president,” says Michael Kibwika one of the voters.

It has established that currently, David Musiri, the head of Institutions in the National Unity Platform and Mobilizer Sauda Madada have spent a night in the Makerere University Halls of residence pleading with student to realign support for the NUP Candidate Shamim Nambassa.

With the election drawn nearer this Friday, it is not clear even with the increased funding and efforts to lure support to the NUP candidate will yield results as more of the students approve the Forum for Democratic Change candidate Obeid Kamulegeya

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