How fishermen trapped 110 kgs Nile Perch

On Wednesday this week, fishermen in Mugoye Sub County, Kalangala District were all excited. a colleague Richard Kisembo had trapped a “big fish”. A Nile Perch measuring 110 kilo grams.

Kisembo and a colleague had spent more than 24 hours on the lake, with hooks trying to hunt for some fish.

“Around 3.00 pm in the evening, we had less catches and were frustrated. We opted for a few more minutes before we could retire. But then, my colleague sensed that on one hook was a heavy catch.” Kisembo says.

The two then started looking for options on how to see and bring out their catch.

“So, we started rotating around the hook but, it seemed more dangerous with a lot more power. We started pulling it up as it also fought until it couldn’t and brought it up. It left us all smiling.” he added.

It is rare for fishermen to capture such fish. The two, Kisembo and a colleague Katumba immediately after leaving the boat took the fish to a near by monger who immediately handed Ugx 880,000 for the fish.

The monger will now have to remove the fish mow which is about 3 kilo grams which he will sell separately from a kilo of the flesh. A kilo gram of the Fish mow is sold at Ugx 1.6 million each.

There has been an increase in the number of fish catches on the Lake Victoria water body since the inception of the Fisheries Protection Unit, a UPDF Marines outfit that fights against illegal fishing vices.

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