Here are the major tourism destinations you should never miss in Kalangala

Ssese Islands is an archipelago of 84 islands, filled with lush thick forests, in the middle of the World’s second largest fresh water lake, Victoria.

The area’s lush vegetation provides for great tourism potential, with serene and fresh breath for a perfect holiday.

It’s fascinating means of transport and great hospitable and enthusiastic people found on the lake and the shoreline provides great experiences for not only marine tourism but also, great nature and forest adventure, discovering and learning with lush experience.

Away from the great resorts as a landing crafts closes on the main island, Bugala, the island is full of great tourism potential, from water falls, to nature walks and to birding, experiences one can’t risk missing.

Here are the major tourism destinations in the area.

Luggo Forest

The five acre piece is situated in Buswa Village, Bujumba Sub County along the Kalangala – Mulabana road. It is from this forest that the royal mace (Ddamula), a symbol that the Kabaka of Buganda offers to any incoming Katikiro as an instrument that signifies the King’s vestment of authority in the appointee to Govern the Kingdom on his behalf.

In the forest, the caretaker, Richard Ssegaluma takes one through the processes of how the royal mace is cut, purified and administered. The fascinating experience leaves one knowledgeable about the culture and values of Uganda’s largest kingdom.

Nanziri Water Falls

The Sipi like falls situated towards Kiwungu Landing site, Buwanga Parish on Bukasa Island, Kyamuswa is a temperate natural feature, pouring water straight into Lake Victoria. The beautiful waterfall flows from Kitinda, towards another extreme end of Bukasa Island connecting to both piers of the second largest island in Kalangala.

A photo at the falls is a memorable experience.

Nsiirwe bird Sanctuary,

Have you watched up to 500 bird species, all in one place? Mixing sights and sounds, with waves pouncing the rocks on the shoreline, watching a fisherman cast a net to hunt the country’s delicacy, the Tilapia fish species?

Well, all this is an experience one gets upon reaching the Nsiirwe bird sanctuary. No wonder it is one of the country’s hidden treasures.


This is an island in Mazinga Sub County. It has a variety of tree species. It’s landing site, Kikwiiri is always home to several bird species that fly from the Latin America and Europe every winter season, settle in there until the winter season is over.

Several tourists, during the same season also travel to the same island to view these bird species. The species leave the island sanctified with beauty and adventure.

Mapeera Shrine

When the first Missionaries were entering Uganda, they trekked and circumnavigated Lake Victoria. Before setting foot on the main land, Brother Amans Delamas and Fr Simeone Loudel docked in Bugoma, a pier on Kalangala’s main island Bugala.

The two were welcomed and, they constructed Uganda’s first church. The Bugoma – Mapeera church, away from the Uganda Martyrs serves as the backbone of Uganda’s Religious tourism.

Virgin Island?

The lush vegetation, strong winds with a serene and fascinating cruise on the lake using MV Natalie, Vanessa or any marine vessel leaves memorable experiences as one closes into the virgin Island. A memorable look at reptiles, the crocodiles and the great roasted fish give couples a wonderful experience with natural and fresh air from the Lake as tents a wait for relaxation.

A confortable walk from one end to another, overlooking Bufumira Landing sites creates memories couples would forever remember. The great sounds from the interaction between the water and rocks on the shoreline of the island create an aperture for future adventure.

Watch Tower and the Caves

After a tour, education about the Buganda Heritage in the Mukasa, Kalaya caves and the Wannema Shrines, sipping an ice cold beer would relax a mind sitting in the comfort of the watch tower. At the tower, one glimpse reaches the far ends of Tanzania’s Bukoba, a view of Rakai, Masaka, Entebbe and the Mukono – Buvuma Islands.

The trampling fresh water lake with humid and tides is a memorable experience every evening as one completes an exploration of the Ssese Islands.

Can I get to the Ssese Islands?

To get such experience, one will have to cruise from the Entebbe International Airport through Port Alice Nakiwogo, aboard MV Kalangala or MV Vanessa to Lutoboka in Kalangala, find great lodging at one of the beaches with white sand and great sight and sounds before you set off for great exploration of Kalangala District.

The main route moves through the Kampala Masaka main road to Bukakata, ferries MV Pearl and MV Ssese operated by Kalangala Infrastructure Services take you to Bugoma, an entry to Kalagala’s main island.

The island is gifted with romantic forest and nature walks, reliable power and water services and rich tourism potential any tourist would wonder.

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