Health Ministry to Distribute 15000 nets to Kalangala Islanders

The Ministry of Health has accepted to distribute up to 15000 mosquito nets to Islanders Living in Kyamuswa Constituency.

The distribution follows requests by Islanders, led by Brian Keitira, the manager Victoria Forest Resort to combat Malaria and diseases related to mosquito bites and infections.

The nets will be distributed to major landing sites including Kachanga, Kitobo and Misonzi in Bufumira Sub County, Kisaba in Kyamuswa Sub County, Namisoke in Bubeke and some in Mazinga Sub County.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed in a statement send to Kalangala District.

Kalangala, predominantly a fishing area is sorrounded by water with habitats for mosquito breeding.

“We have severally cried out for help from Government, we would be grateful if we recieve the mosquito nets.” Says Assy Nakigudde, a resident at Kitobo landing site.

Statistics at the District health office indicate that the district gets up to 9,000 Malaria infections every year.

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