Health Ministry Needs Funding for Isolation wards

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Diana Atwiine has revealed that they are still a few miles behind on funds to complete state of the art Isolation wards at both Mulago and Entebbe Hospitals.

Dr. Atwiine has revealed in a press briefing whilst seeing off more 44 COVID-19 recovered patients from Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital taking the National log of recoveries to 486 and active cases at only 379.

Atwiine remarked that the Government is unable to fully complete the designated Isolation centres that are still under construction at the moment and they are still required to use most referral hospitals as corona virus disease treatment Hubs.

The 2 Isolation wards were in a poor state by the time the world was confronted by the Novel Corona Virus Disease pandemic and Government chipped in to prepare the centres to meet the need in case the virus reached the country.

On the contrary funds have been hard to grasp for the projects to be completed since the pandemic stepped foot in the country, priorities switched to more urgent matters and the already existing hospital facilities turned Corona Virus Disease treatment hubs locking out other treatment options at these hospitals.

Thus the Ministry of Health finds it proper to build capacity at the Isolation Centres so as to be able to handle further escalation of the disease or future outbreaks or epidemic diseases.

However, Atwiine is confident that the country will continue to register more success in the fight against the virus and she hopes that soon the entire country will be declared COVID-19 free.

The Permanent secretary also refuted public claims that the Ministry of Health is falsely reporting new cases in order to attract funding from International Organizations.

Dr.Atwiine says that such a mess can not penetrate through their system since they are as well eager to see the pandemic wave cease.

Ugandans need to be alert and safeguard against all small talk that may have them become prone to the virus. The virus does exist that’s why other countries are recording deaths.

The Doctor applauded the commitment of the medical team at Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital and their unique understanding of their true divine calling because their hands are blessed by God to do extra usual things, and hopes for Entebbe Hospital to become a Some of Healing in the future.

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