Government unable to cater for needs of Ugandans says Kassanda legislator, Nsamba

Kassanda North Member of Parliament Hon. Nsamba Patrick has said Governments failure to identify and effectively offer relief funds to vulnerable people across the country is a sign of it’s state institutions failure to respond to the needy in Uganda.

“Why would Nabbanja announce that they are going to give out money to the vulnerable before highlighting who the vulnerable are. This process exposed the government’s inability to know its people, why would it take a month to know where Ugandans in the vulnerable bracket are” he said.

Nsamba made the remarks while appearing on NBS Tv’s morning breeze alongside Bukooli Central MP Hon. Solomon Silwanyi on Monday.

“No government can sustain people who are not working. It was a good gesture for government to think about those that were affected by the lockdown but unfortunately like it always happens, the regime things are not straight” he added.

Hon Nsamba further blamed government’s failure to procure vaccines for people on corrupt government officials who embezzle the released funds.

“The only vaccines we have received in the country are donations. These people who usually steal our money stole our money for the vaccines. We have delayed to procure vaccines because “they” were waiting for the money from the new Financial Year” he said.

However Bukooli Central MP Silwanyi said government would apprehend any official cited in embezzling funds meant to procure Covid 19 vaccines.

“The Minister told us they booked vaccines, I think these are the vaccines coming. We are going to have the report from the Auditor-General. We shall see whether the money was stolen or used to procure the vaccines. I don’t agree with thieves, if anyone has stolen money in this pandemic when people are suffering, we are going to bring them to book” he said.

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