Government Suspends 208 NGOs that are working with Refugees

The Minister for relief and disaster preparedness Hilary Onek has indicated that all Non Government Organisations that lack valid requirements to operate risk closure.

This has been communicated in a letter copied to the United Nations and other stake holders, citing that NGOs without valid Memorandums of Understanding with the Office of the Prime Minister, expired permits of operation and those that are carrying out projects outside their mandate be closed.

This comes a few months after the Ministry of Internal Affairs instructed all NGOs to re-register regardless of the status of their permits.

Most NGOs have failed to meet these requirements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and as well as the distances between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the operation bases of most of the NGOs.

Of the 277 organisations, only 69 of these meet the prescribed requirements. They are required to halt all their operations with a task to validate their MOUs and permits.

According Rodney Buregeya who is a Human Rights Activist working with the Human Rights Defenders Coalition, refugees will be left with no assistance and human rights violations will on an all time high if the government does not intervene.

“We petitioned government to allow more time for the process, but unfortunately it was not successful, but I believe registration should be decentralised to allow all NGOs register.” Buregeya adds

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