Go get a lawyer: Supreme court responds to Candidate Mayambala’s quest to take over presidential petition

The Supreme Court has asked Willy Mayambala, a former presidential candidate in the just –concluded 2021 general elections to seek services of a lawyer to help him file a formal application seeking to take over Robert Kyagulanyi’s election petition against President Museveni’s election.

In a February, 25 2021 Mayambala wrote to the Supreme Court informing them of his interest in taking over proceedings in the petition which Kyagulanyi is in the process of withdrawing.

However, in response, the Supreme Court has told Mayambala that follow the laid down procedure to follow before filing a formal application in the matter.

“Section 61(2) of the Presidential Election Act provides that on the hearing of the application for withdrawal, any candidate who might have been a petitioner in respect to the election to which the petitioner refers may apply to be substituted as a petitioner for the petitioner who desires to withdraw. Basing on the above, you are hereby advised to seek the services of a lawyer with a view of filing a formal application,” the court said.

When contacted for a comment, Mayambala said he was not aware of the said letter by the Supreme Court.

“I have not seen the letter but I have sent my personal assistant to look at it,”he said.

The latest developments come at a time when Kyagulanyi, who petitioned court to challenge President Museveni’s victory in the January 14 polls is in the process of withdrawing the petition after citing bias from the Supreme Court.

The court’s registar is currently in the process of gazetting the application for withdrawal before the court starts hearing the same.

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