Gerald Karuhanga; an MP fighting against Parliament’s wasteful expenditure

Gerald Karuhanga, a Ugandan member of Parliament has in the past two weeks been in the limelight for blocking MPs of sharing a UGX 10 billion loot for COVID 19 activities.

Karuhanga had asked the high court to order MPs return money to the Parliamentary Commission as it was not proper for members to allocate selves money especially in such a time when all stakeholders were engaging in cost cutting to ensure that they fight COVID 19.

Other MPs in Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa had instead donated part of their salaries to fight COVID 19.

Karuhanga’s argument seemed to have bee supported by the President, Yoweri Museveni who said it was “immoral” for MPs to give themselves money.

None the less the President donated another UGX 40 million to 317 MPs from the ruling party from what is termed as a “Bonanza to NRM MPs” for their support to the President’s cause to fight COVID 19. Never the less, Karuhanga vowed to go to court to find Justice for the public resources.

But who is Karuhanga?

Gerald Karuhanga is serving as the current Ntungamo Municipality MP. He previously served as the Western National Youth Representative in the previous Parliament.

He has severally joined causes that have seen change in leadership positions across the country.

He was arrested together with People Power Movement Leader Robert Kyagulanyi, Paul Mwiru, and Francis Zaake as they canvassed for votes in Arua Municipality that saw Kasiano Wadri elected member of Parliament replacing the late Ibrahim Abiriga who was assassinated a few years ago.

He was also among the MPs who petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking the nullification off the Article 102 (b) Constitutional amendment that saw the lifting of the 75 year age limit for anyone to contest for Presidency of this country.

He is a Member of the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs as well as Public Accounts Committee.

In 2011 soon after he had sworn into Parliament, Karuhanga introduced the oil debate and pinned former prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Minister’s Sam Kuteesa and Hillary Onek on taking bribes in oil deals from off shore companies that would later exploit Uganda’s oil industry.

He is an alumnus of Makerere University who graduated with a Bachelor of Laws.

During his student life at Makerere University, he served as Guild President in 2006.

He was an exemplary leader who passionately advocated for openness, equity, transparency and accountability.

He has also served as Director General – Justice and Development Council, as well as Executive Director, National Youth Think Tank.

He is an active Member of the Makerere University Convocation who has generously supported Makerere University development programmes.

He mostly practices business law.

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