Gen Rwigyema’s “son” wants government help him locate his family

32 year old Thomas Kiviiri claiming to be a son to former spy master Gen Fred Gisa Rwigyema has asked government to help him overcome the poor conditions including poverty in which include. He also wants to locate his family.

Kiviiri who works as a casual laborer at one of the firms in Kalangala says, his ‘father’ helped much in the 1981 – 1986 NRA struggle that brought the current regime to power.

Struggling and frail, Kiviiri while meeting journalists said his mother who he only identifies as Safiina, was a wife to late Rwigyema, lived in Kampala but was of Rwandan origin.

He added that her mother was killed by soldiers of the Rwandan government in 1994 who were fighting against the then rebels who overthrew the then Rwandan President Javelin Habyarimaana.

“She had taken us to Rwanda to see some of our relatives, we fell into government soldiers who asked for our identifications, my mother answered that she was Rwigyema wife only to spark off the killing of my late sister and later, they also killed mum.” He narrated.

Kiviiri said, he was only six years by then. He managed to escape as the soldiers strangled her mother, went to the nearby village where he refuge. He said, he was later taken to Tanzania in a place known as Benako where he lived for three years. He later lived with another man he could only identify as Guma whom, he helped look after his cattle in Tanzania so as to earn a living.

“By then, I was approaching 12 years old.” He says. He later decided to travel to Uganda. He had a friend who was driving products from Uganda to Tanzania.

“I had nowhere to stay when he reached Uganda, my friend dropped me in a place known as Wakiso which is currently Wakiso town council.”

Kiviiri said he later sought refuge in the family of Wakiso LC 1 chairperson he could only identify as Kavuma who had relatives in Kalangala district. He was later taken to help one of Kavuma’s relatives in Kalangala District.  “Since i came to Kalangala in 2012, this is where i have been working.” He said.

He did not get a chance to go to school and cannot read and write english. On reaching Kalangala, he started reaching out to the district Chairperson Willy Lugoloobi and former Rdc Deo Nsereko.

“When i went to the RDC, he promised to follow up with my situation but at the end, he was transferred without coming back to me.” He said.

Kiviiri now wants government help him locate most of his family members whom he says he does not know. He said he now lives a miserable life but only appeals to government for help. “Please, my father was part of this government, at least he should be remembered and they help me locate my family.” He said.

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