Gaming houses set to open on Sunday in a new easing phase of covid restrictions

By Harriet Asingura.

When the Uganda earned her first ever positive Case of COVID-19 back in March this year, President Museveni resolved with the ministry of Health to shut down several sections of the public and others restricted and procedures and guidelines birthed.

The restrictions saw most of businesses and public events banned temporarily, and since the President has moved to reopen gradually, from schools to businesses but Bar owners and event owners will have to wait longer as they miss out on the latest phase of easing of anti-covid restrictions.

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng indicated that the Ministry had taken consideration of the “phase of the epidemic Uganda is in, with rising cases and deaths in urban areas,” and the “suspension on bars and discotheques will continue.”

On a positive note, gyms, massage parlors, casinos and gaming houses are yet to open on sunday 14th. And the number of people permitted to attend political rallies , processions, weddings, meetings has been readjusted from 70 persons to a total of 200persons.

But the lifting of these restrictions will come with proper adherence of the set guidelines such as social distancing, hand washing and mask use.

Uganda’s covid-19 cumulative total is at 14,574 cases with 7,771 recoveries and 133 deaths after 572,325 people tested across the country.

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