Former ISO boss Kaka snubs Parliament vetting committee

Col Frank Bagyenda Kaka, the former ISO boss has snubbed the Parliamentary vetting committee. Kaka was set to appear before the committee to be vetted whether he is fit to become the Ugandan Ambassador in Angola.

Bagyenda had in January 2017 been brought back from retirement to head the country’s Homeland security intelligence organization.

His regime was characterized of rights violations with the reemergence of safe houses in Places such as Kalangala, Wakiso and some parts of Kampala where people, especially political prisoners would be detained.

The President in October this year relieved Kaka of his duties, replaced him with his former deputy Charles Olum and immediately appointed him Ambassador to Angola.

The appointment was first seen as one that would secure the country’s interests in the East and Central African region with Kaka gathering further external intelligence for the country’s security.

However reports emerged that Col Bagyenda had turned down the offer, preferring retirement at his Kalangala based Panaroma cottages. However, the reports were neither confirmed or denied by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces and the presidency.

Today, the spy master was set to appear in the Parliamentary vetting committee to ascertain whether he is fit for the job. However, Kaka did not turn up in the August house raising concerns on whether he turned down the offer.

Entebbe Post’s telephone calls to Kaka to ascertain reasons for not showing up in the Parliamentary Committee remained unanswered.

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