Former Entebbe MP Kawuma launches his Mayoral Campaign

Former Entebbe Municipality lawmaker, Mohamed Kawuma officially launched his campaign for the 2021 Entebbe Mayorship Race in a press conference on Friday.

Kawuma is “confident” to unseat incumbent Kayanja Vincent DePaul and made several comments on the latter’s mismanagement of Uganda’s maiden Capital.

He revealed that with his manifesto codenamed Kawuma-Entebbe Dozen 5 year program; he will be tackling 12 key issues affecting the Entebbe residents if voted as council boss.

The program includes Leadership skilling for the young, an area that Kawuma has excelled in since his old Council days. He has mentored MP aspirant Micheal Kakembo and others.

“We need to boost tourism in Entebbe, it is endowed with a long beach stretch, botanical gardens, the equator line in Kigungu and so many things, I sure it will be a resort destination for local and visiting tourists.

“We need to improve our markets, our people need safety for their merchandise and these markets need to be for every one ,we need to expand them to a digital state too, we can mint money is ing such platforms.”

Other key issues include job creation, capacity building for the informal sector, instituting a resource centre for graduates, improving roads, efficient utilisation of land and others.

Kawuma is an independent candidate after breaking away from the newly formed National Unity Platform, but he maintains he is a member of the pressure group People People Movement.

Kawuma will feature on the same ballot with Democratic Party man and Incumbent Vincent Kayanja, National Resistance Movement’s Micheal Mutebi, Independent Fabrice Rulinda, National Unity Platform’s Olive Nassuna and Keith Ssimbwa of the Alliance for National Transformation come the 25th of January 2021.

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