Foreign Affairs Ministry Recalls Staffs for Plotting Cash Theft on a Zoom Meeting

The foreign affairs ministry has recalled some of its staff who have been implicated in the scam meant to share and embezzle unutilized funds.

Daily Monitor on Monday 24th reported of scam where Diplomatic staff at the Ugandan Embassy in Denmark convened a Zoom meeting and discussed how to share government money “they were not able to spend during the 2019/20 financial year that ended in June.”

A source in the foreign affairs confirmed that the voices in the clip belong to their officers at the Ugandan Mission in Denmark seeking to divide funds amongst selves contrary to section 17 (2) of the public finance management act.

The clip also indicated how the officers would also raise funds, offer to auditors, in a bid to ensure that they do have a clean audit report.

The meeting reportedly didn’t have Ms. Alex hope Mukubwa, the Accounting officer and the Head of mission Ms. Nimisha Madhvani. The ministry is yet to establish names of the implicated officers.

However, in a statement released by the Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Patrick Mugoya, all implicated staff have been recalled to the Ministry headquarters.

“The Ministry, in consultation with the Permanent Secretary, secretary to the treasury and the Auditor General will carry out a thorough investigation into this matter. In the meantime, the officers implicated have been recalled to the Ministry Head Quarters.” Part of the statement reads.

The permanent secretary also indicated that “Depending on the outcome of the investigation, additional measures may be taken as appropriate.”

The permanent secretary also retaliated that the Ministry does not condone corruption, and that the use of public funds will adhere to the principles of transparency and efficiency.

The spokesperson of the inspectorate of Government Ali Munira has reported that the institution is investigating cases of bribery within the Foreign Affairs Institution.

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