Fishermen seek justice over alleged torture by army

By Our Reporter

Two fishermen Tonny Mawejje and Mutebi Kamada while at Entebbe magistrate’s court have accused the armed forces of alleged torture while returning from a fishing trip and have petitioned the court to seek for them justice.

The two who operate at Bussi Landing site while talking to Entebbe Post said that on December 09 last year while returning from fishing trip found the accused Kirongoozi , Joseph , Wilber , Patrick , Lwenjonga and others armed with machetes and asked the duo where they were coming from upon which they informed them they were returning from fishing.

“They then asked us for the fish, we told them we don’t have any, they started beating us until we reached the mainland where we got help on the injuries we had sustained” Kamada whose hand was cut off narrated.

Tonny Mawejje (L) and Mutebi Kamada while Entebbe magistrate’s court. Photos by GSA

The two men further said fishermen are harassed by the army at different landing sites who also take away their fishing materials including boats and fishing nets even though they reach the required standards.

Kamada said they are seeking for justice and treatment for the wounds they sustained after the attack from the men who they were able to arrest with the help of Bussi Police but were later released at Entebbe Police station.

However at the time of this publication we could not verify their claims since the O.C station was unavailable for comment.

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