Fish Exporters call for gov’t’s quick expedition of the China – Uganda Export Protocol


Fish exporters want Government to first track the signing of China Uganda Export Protocol so that they can fully access Chinese market. The call follows 98% tax exemption by the Chinese Government of the Ugandan product.

During a fish exhibition in Buikwe District, Uganda fish processors and exporters said if the fishing industry is streamlined, especially tackling illegal fishing, Uganda has capacity of increasing it’s foreign earnings on fishing to five hundred million dollars a year and one billion dollars per year after after five years. 

However, fisheries researchers institute is working on some of the technologies and encourage fishers to venture in Sliver fish trading to curb illegal fishing

Following the Chinese Government waiving all tariffs by 98% of all imports from the ten list developed Countries including Uganda, however this can only be effective if the Government of Uganda signs the protocol with Chinese Government. 

It’s against this background that the fish exporters in Uganda want the Government to fast track the signing of the protocol to fully exploit the opportunity.

With Uganda already taking advantage of the European Union, Asia, and middle East market, the operationalization of Chinese market would boost Uganda’s export earnings highly.

Aciro Daisy, the Assistant commissioner for fisheries enforcement, however showed concern over the continued illegal fishing on lakes with many not able to meet the international market this many factories operating below capacity.

These believe if the fishing sector is improved, Uganda has capacity of increasing it’s earnings to 5 hundred million dollars per years and one billion dollars after five years.

The Director National Fisheries Resources Research Institute Winnie Nkalubo, said they are carrying out research and urged fishers to venture in Sliver fish as way of curbing Illegal fishing.

Fish exporters and processors have also showed how they adding value of Mukene to an international market by making different products which are on high demand.

During the fourth Jinja fish festival that seeks to address some of the key challenges in the fish sector, Luigina Blaich the head of rural development GIZ said fisheries has capacity to increase it’s incomes, jobs and address food security.

Adolf Gerstl project leader GIZ responsible fisheries business chains called for a need to ensure protection of lakes but also Government not to only focus at foreign market but also address and strengthen the domestic fish market.

The fishing sector players and other stakeholders advocating for good fishing habits believe unless there is joint efforts but also good will from the fishing community to stop illegal fishing, the sector worth being leading export earner for the Country will hardly be achieved.

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