First team of Ugandan Nationals Repatriated from China

A pioneer group of 72 Ugandan Nationals and legal residents who were stranded in China due to the Covid-19 pandemic have successfully repatriated on Friday morning at 11:08 aboard a Southern China Airliner.

The Southern China Airliner on it’s return journey repatriated over 100 Chinese nationals back to China.

The repatriated group is made up of mostly students and business people who had traveled to China to study and shop for merchandise respectively.

Photo by Wahiidah Nambowa
Photo by Wahiidah Nambowa

China had the longest time under lockdown owing to the fact that the Corona Virus first broke out in Wuhan.

Following the outbreak, China would go on to impose several measures to curb the spread of the disease which encompassed locking down of air gateways leaving multitudes of foreigners stuck within there borders.


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