First Phase of Entebbe Zone Copa Coca Cola football qualifiers witnesses 90 goal frenzy

By our reporter

A total of 90 goals were scored in the 40 matches played during the opening phase of the Entebbe Zone Copa Coca Cola qualifiers.

Among these 90 goals was a hat-trick from Kisubi High School’s lethal striker Abraham Maku during their 4-0 humiliation of May Christian School at the University of Kisubi Play ground.

Other goals were braces and single goals like Green Stars’ Talik Mubiru’s two goals in their 2-0 win against Entebbe International at the sandy Katabi Gombolola play ground. 

The 2020 Entebbe Zone Copa Football Qualifiers were halted after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ceased school’s activities because of the looming the state of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat in the country and across the globe.

By the time of the forced stop, these qualifiers had reached the closing stages of the group phase. 

Twenty three (23) schools from within Entebbe Municipality and Katabi Town Council (up to Kisubi High School)registered for these qualifiers.

According to Dirisa Walusimbi, the head of technical affairs, the qualifiers will be completed moments after clearance by the president concerning the Corona virus scourge.

“We shall resume business after being cleared by the President and of course when the schools start once again” Walusimbi notes.

One of the interesting matches in these qualifiers had been played by the time of the stoppage; the long time derby between traditional arch rivals Entebbe SS and Entebbe Parents.

Entebbe Parents won the highly billed contest 2-0 at the Manyango play ground.

The two finalists will advance to the Wakiso District qualifiers slated at Kawanda SS and Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium (Wakisha Resource center).

At the Wakiso district qualifiers, other schools from the zones of Kitende, Aggrey, Nsangi, Masuliita, Entebbe and Gayaza will join the frey from where the top five schools make it to the national copa coca cola championship slated for Arua district.

The dates for this year’s national copa coca cola grand finals are most likely to be affected because of the forced break due to Coronavirus. 

The Boston High School team. Photo by Entebbe post


 A: Boston High School – Mpala, Lake View Kitinda, Entebbe International, Green Stars, Entebbe Airforce

 B: Jovans High School, Kisubi High School, Keneddy SS, Entebbe Victorian High School, May Christian High School

C: Entebbe SS, Entebbe Parents SS, St Andrews Ssanda, Entebbe Kings, Kisubi Mapeera High School, Merry Land High School – Katabi, Kitala SS

D: Lake View High School – Kitoro, Lake View High School – Nkumba, Entebbe Comprehensive SS, Joy High School, Merry Land High School – Kiggungu, St Noah SS

All Results so far:

Group A:

Day 1:

Boston High School, Mpala 4-2 Lake View High School, Kitinda

Entebbe International 0-2 Green Stars High School, Entebbe

Air force SS, Entebbe 1-0 Boston High School, Mpala

Lake View High School, Kitinda 1-1 Green Stars High School, Entebbe

Air force SS, Entebbe 1-0 Entebbe International

Day 2:

Boston High School, Mpala 2-0 Entebbe International

 Lake View High School, Kitinda 3-1 Air force SS, Entebbe

Green Stars High School, Entebbe 1-3 Boston High School, Mpala

Group B:

Day 1:

Jovans High School 0-1 Kisubi High School

 Kennedy SS 4-0 Victorian High SS, Entebbe

 May Christian SS 1-3 Jovans High School

Kisubi High School 0-0 Victorian High SS, Entebbe

May Christian 0-1 Kennedy SS

Day 2:

Jovans High School 4-1 Kennedy SS

Kisubi High School 4-0 May Christian High School

Victoria High School 1-2 Jovans High School

Keneddy SS 1-1 Kisubi High School

May Christian High School 0-0 Victorian High School, Entebbe

 Group C:

 Day 1:

Entebbe Parents SS 0-0 St Andrews Ssanda

Entebbe Kings SS 1-3 Entebbe SS

Kisubi Mapeera 1-2 Merryland High School Katabi SS

Kitala SS 2-5 Entebbe Parents S.S

Entebbe SS 1-2 St Andrews Ssanda

 Day 2:

 Merryland High School Katabi 3-0 Entebbe Kings SS

Kisubi Mapeera 3-0 Kitala SS

Entebbe Parents 2-0 Entebbe SS

St Andrews Ssanda 2-0 Entebbe Kings

Merryland High School Katabi 3-0 Kitala SS

 Group D:

 Day 1:

 Lake View High School, Kitooro 0-2 Entebbe Comprehensive SS

Joy High School 2-0 Lake View High School, Nkumba

Entebbe Comprehensive SS 0-0 Joy High School

Day 2:

 Joy High School 0-0 Merryland High School, Kiggungu

Lake View SS, Kitoro 0-0 Merryland High School, Kiggungu

Entebbe Comprehensive SS 0-0 Lake View SS, Nkumba

St Noah SS, Nkumba 0-2 Joy High School

Lake View SS, Nkumba 3-0 St Noah SS, Nkumba

Entebbe Comprehensive SS 0-2 Merryland High School, Kiggungu

Lake View SS, Kitoro 1-0 Joy High School

Merryland High School, Kiggungu 1-0 Lake View SS, Nkumba

St Noah SS, Nkumba 0-1 Lake View SS, Kitoro

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