Farmers get training

Poultry farmers in Entebbe municipality have received training on modern poultry keeping skills at the municipal council offices in order to increase their produce on farms.

The training that is a government initiative was carried out by veterinary workers from Biyinzika Poultry Farm.

Molly Namwanje the assistant Veterinary officer said many people have been carrying out poultry farming but lacked proper skills on how to carry out sustainable poultry farming skills leading them to make losses rather than earning profits from the trade.

“We thank the government for financing this training that will go a long way in helping farmers in Entebbe get this training because we have many poultry farmers but a number of them have been making losses due to lack of training on how to carry out proper poultry farming,” she said.

Dr. Vincent Mujulu one of the trainers from Biyinzika Poultry farm that facilitated the training advised the farmers to be mindful of the places they buy the poultry feeds, chicks and also take proper care of the chicks while at the brooder level.

Dr Mujulu said if the farmers practiced the skills they have attained in the training they will start earning profits in poultry keeping.

Some of the poultry keepers that took part in the training welcomed the initiative saying they are going to start profiting from poultry farming since they have attained the necessary skills to carry out proper poultry farming and asked the government to organise more trainings for them.

The farmers further said many of them lacked skills to care for chicks while in the brooders which cause many of them to die leading them to losses.  

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