Failed Revolution: NUP SG Lewis Rubongoya confiscates Kibalama’s Passport

At the height of the foiled revolution Ugandans expected from the National Unity Platform – NUP, former leaders of the NURP party Moses Kibalama and Simbwa Kagombe are crying foul play, some of whom grassing, under intense pressure from the state yet the current party Secretary General Lewis Rubongoya has confiscated their travel documentation.

At the inception of the National Unity Platform, Kyadondo East legislator and his main comrades Lewis Rubongoya and Joel Ssenyonyi were denied registry of the People Power Movement as a Political vehicle by the electoral commission.

They later, approached leaders of the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party – NURP seeking purchase of the party.

The leaders were each promised a package if they accepted the offer. Kibalama who believes in genuine change, specifically asked to travel abroad especially in the United States to avoid any recall mission pressure or any interference from the state for if there was any back tracking.

The three, the People Power principals promised to offer a revolution, accepted to terms of the NURP leaders.

They however went silent, taking on other roles as Politicians, marketing the People Power Movement across the country.

A team of advisory leaders, who included several youthful brains was assembled as Kyagulanyi made it further clear to the whole country that he seeks leadership of the Republic.

“I can categorically state, I am considering running for Presidency of this country,” Kyagulanyi stated while featuring on Aljzeera’s AJ live talk show.

As elections drew nearer, Besigye announced he was not considering running for Presidency of this country.

Kyagulanyi became more certain he would be the leading opposition figure in the election. However, he still had one more card to play.

“At that time, it was very clear, the People Power Movement had been registered as an NGO by events promoter Balam Baruhagara. Negotiations into the purchase of NURP were not complete neither would the People Power guys pick calls from leaders of the NURP,” a source told Entebbe Post.

Kyagulanyi and the team, later remembered that they needed to complete negotiations with Moses Kibalama and Simbwa Kagombe to purchase the National Unity Platform.

“Good enough, the two NURP leaders were also interested in the deal and hungry for a revolution, they still welcomed and negotiations ensured,” the source added.

As lights turned green, Kibalama started feeling insecure. Sources say, alot of forgery had been done yet leaders at the People Power Secretariat were also not straight forward.

Despite his hunger for change, he could no longer trust the team. “He, even after signing the documents feared moving to the electoral commission to change the documentation. He had double jeopardy since he feared being arrested for forging documents and that he no longer trusted Kyagulanyi and his team.” A source privy to the occurances narrates.

As Kibalama’s secretary general Simbwa Kagombe reached the Electoral Commission, Kibalama hid opposite Hotel Africana at a petrol station annex.

Luckily, the documentation was cleared and NUP was unveiled. The two leaders later started receiving calls, pressure from government. A file at the Internal Security Organization’s Political desk was opened and investigations ensured.

A frustrated Kibalama and team started asking the People team to meet their promises. Sources say, Kibalama was threatened and at that time wanted to flee the country. However, none of the members in the Kyagulanyi team was listening to Kibalama and his associates’ cries.

“In fact, they would call the Secretariat in Kamwokya and no one would respond to their calls, their deal was done and no Principal in the Kyagulanyi team cared.” A source told this website.

Later his home in Mengo was seeled off, arrested and interrogated by several security agencies.

On return from custody, a case had been taken to court seeking the nullification of the National Unity Platform as a registered party. Government argued, the party was illegally registered, with Moses Kibalama as the principle witness in the case.

Luckily, Court ruled that the party was registered and had it’s validity approved, without verifying the documents submitted while registering the party.

Later Kibalama, during campaigns again sought to be given his VISA, he leaves the country to avoid further retribution. However, the now NUP team turned a deaf ear.

On learning that Kibamala had started initiatives to leave the country, NUP Secretary General who is rumored to be a serving Police officer moved to Kibalama’s house, searched the premises and later confiscated the UPC elder’s passport.

“Currently, the old man moves on foot, cannot leave the country yet very poor and frail, with hypertension yet still receives excessive pressure from the State. He cannot leave the country because Rubongoya confiscated his passport,” said a source close to Rubongoya.

Government also appealed in the Court of appeals, seeking redress saying the Party was illegally registered.

Rubongoya, when contacted on the matter refused to comment. He asked for more time before he could give an answer.

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