Fabrice Rulinda; Entebbe City’s Mayoral Candidate

To come out on top of an excellent pyramid of sheer political power, is a tremendous achievement. But to lead a society elite as such that of Uganda’s Gateway must be a challenging one.

These are the ideas Socrates within Entebbe believe would be measure ups for a person ready to lead Entebbe, the city to further horizons.

The resentment that brings together a host of Political players within the area to a contest that involves ego, pessimisim creates struggling agenda in any Political season.

To the elite, the ideas matter, to the young people, the flamboyance and to the less privileged, the tolerance and ability to share the pain with most of them through not only offering a helping hand, but also, a listening ear.

These are the qualifications for a leader such as a Mayor, a Member of Parliament and other representatives that could help a society achieve such goals.

Such are goals set by different Politicians including Fabrice Rulinda whose ambition satisfies need for a leader for Uganda’s gateway.

Rulinda, who first joined Politics in Entebbe in 2015, contesting for Parliamentary representation on the NRM ticket suffered set backs with purported poisoning that left him bedridden on election day.

Rulinda, despite explanation was said to have betrayed a section of the young who teamed up with support.

“The consequences were grave. No one would love to invest money and later leave polls on nomination day with pretence,” Rulinda explains.

A man of stature, blanketed with generosity made deliverables for which moved dwellers in the area to engage in partisan Political movement.

“We did what we could we left after he failed to turn up on nomination. For he is a charism since he has returned in quest for votes,” Kassim Katamba, one of the voters.

One among the set backs is, the ability for Rulinda to engage, since most dwellers believe, the education background is not equivalent to thee set targets.

He however is a certified and recogonized businessman with attachment to Kampala traders. A regular traveler, Rulinda traveled to both China and the United States after higher secondary education.

He now wants to contest for the Mayoral seat, upgraded from a municipality to a city. The area now encloses Katabi and Kajjansi town councils, Bussi and Kasanje Sub Counties joining the Entebbe Divisions A and B to for a city.

“We shall not spend much of our time responding to hag wash yet we have alot of work to do for our people. Entebbe is suffering floods, unemployment amidst plenty of resources and that’s where our focus should be.” Rulinda says.

He battles Mike Kabwama Mutebi in the NRM primaries while DP’s Vincent DePaul Kayanja awaits from the opposition corner.

“I am concertrating on the NRM primaries for now, we need to win, ultimately.” He says in a telephone conversation.

To the young people, he brings in new blood away from the long held contest between Vincent Kayanja, former Mayor Stephen Kabuye and now, Mike Kabwama Mutebi.

“Let the best candidate win, for we demand Public Service delivery.” A politician who deserves the vail of anonymity says.

On the Peripherals, Katabi Town Council Chairperson Ronald Kalema, seemingly hesitant is a potential threat for Rulinda and those who aim at the top most seat.

However, Rulinda says, “For our deeds are the basis for the electorate to take us forward, I will win definitely.”

The Mayoral seat in Entebbe Houses the National Airport Entebbe, the Entebbe Zoo, State House, seven Garrison Commands, UPDF Marine, Special Forces, Airforce base and the UN Regional Service Center.

The strategic location of Entebbe, towards a Lake Port Florence from Nakiwogo towards Entebbe International Airport and the need to boom Marine Transport Network, Intra Africa trade and the operationalizing of the Lake Victoria Central Corridor trade route require a leader well versed with the East African Regional Politics.

“For I am well versed than all my opponents.” Says Rulinda.


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