Fabrice contemplating independence after losing Entebbe Mayoral race in primaries

By Jamirat Nandawula.

Fabrice Rulinda, the loser in the race for Entebbe mayoral seat in the just concluded NRM primaries is contemplating returning as an independent in the general elections.

Rulinda lost to Entebbe Division A chairperson Micheal Kabwama Mutebi Nyamayaalwo on Monday September 14th after a highly monetized campaign.

He garnered 3474 votes against Mutebi’s 5427 votes. However, sources close to the flamboyant businessman told Entebbe Post that Rulinda is not satisfied with the loss and now plans to contest as an independent in the general elections.

“He hinted on such plan. He also wants to recollect many of his supporters to ensure that he consolidates base for which he can start a rapid mass mobilization election campaign.” The source said.

Rulinda made an entry into Entebbe Politics on 2015 announcing intent to contest as a Member of Parliament. He however fell short on nomination day when he, instead of turning up for nomination instead went on a sick bed with suspected poisoning.

He failed to make it to the ballot then which angered many of the dwellers within Entebbe Municipality.

“Many of us who were on the campaign trail had given up all we can to see him through. He had made a lump sum investment. Unfortunately, we all felt betrayed as rumors went through that he feared questioning his academic qualifications,” Richard Katende, a voter in Lugonjo, Entebbe Div B told Entebbe Post.

Rulinda however denies the allegations.

It is not clear if Rulinda would be able to succumb to pressure from the NRM party not to stand as an independent candidate. However, after the announcing of the election results, Rulinda said he was dissatisfied with the results had would seek for justice.

“I am not contented with what the presiding officer has announced. I have to find justice and, if possible we should have re- elections.”

The NRM chairperson for Entebbe Municipality Stephen Kabuye says, well as it is may not be okay for Rulinda to contest, he has a constitutional right. He however advised Rulinda to seek reconciliation and mediation to harmonize with party positions.

If he contests as an independent, he will have to tussle out with DP’s Vincent DePaul Kayanja, former MP Mohammad Kawuma and Micheal Mutebi Kabwama Nyamayaalwo.


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