Entebbe expressway Mpala tolling equipment vandalized

A mini bus traveling from Entebbe to Kampala has knocked, vandalized the equipment supposed to be used in road tolling along the Entebbe Expressway.

The incident which happened more than a week ago has left part of the tolling system disrupted even before government starts collecting money from all the road users.

The expressway was launched in 2018 by President Yoweri Museveni with a view of reducing traffic on the major Entebbe road and also reduce time for those moving to and from Entebbe International Airport for business.

The road was supposed to be a toll road. However, by the time of its launch, there was neither a law nor regulation mechanisms that could be used in tolling.

Parliament a year go passed a law that allows tolling. However, there remained no regulations in place to ensure that the law can be implemented. However, the road remains open to all those who want to use it freely.

However, due to limited security, a lot of property on the expressway has severally been vandalized prompting the Minister for Works and Transport, Gen Katumba Wamala to announce routine patrols to secure the road.

Also, several speeding drivers have on many occasions rammed into the guard rails and other road infrastructure leaving damages even on the extension of the express way.

The Works and Transport Minister Gen Katumba Wamala and the Uganda Traffic Police previously announced that those who recklessly damage the road must pay for damages.

“We do not have to be so complacent. People are becoming reckless and need to immediately be prosecuted,” Katumba said.

It is not clear whether the occupant of the Mini Bus that rammed into the tolling system will be prosecuted. However, a UPDF officer at a rank of a Major General a day after the accident moved to the scene of the accident in Mpala to establish the magnitude of damage of the tolling system.

Former Entebbe Mayor Vincent Kayanja has severally asked government to regulate the use of the Express way so as for the road to achieve its intended objective.


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