Exclusive; Why Aggrey Kiyingi – Government Relationship Remains Sour

In 1983, as the National Resistance Army rebels advanced towards Kampala, taking on the Uganda People’s Congress Government, several of the NRA rebels camped in Namulonge. At that time, Bishop Wilberforce Luwalira was a lay leader an Anglican church in Busukuma, Namulonge.

The rebels convinced several of the locals within the area to join their team to overthrow the Obote Government. A teacher at one of the schools in Namulonge, together with his younger sibling, a former journalist a Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation hosted the rebels to understand how they would operate within the area.

The following day, the area chairperson Azalia Ssebowa called the teacher, warning him of his connection with the NRA rebels. “He later informed the Obote government what had taken place and that the rebels had reached Namulonge.” The teacher who doesn’t want to be named intimates.

The Ugandan army, at that time loyal to President Obote stormed to look out for the rebels, only for them to flee. “Some of them remained hidden in people’s houses.” A source intimated.

The rebels allegedly returned the next evening, look for the chairperson Azalia Ssebowa and took him. Ssebowa was later found dead in the middle of the road in Namulonge.

“He was shot several times, laid down in the middle of the road with all hands spread as if on the cross. The body was also written on with words “Funga Mudomo” (Shut up).” The allegations are however dismissed by several NRM historicals.

Azalio Ssebowa was Dr Aggrey Kiyingi’s father. At the time of his father’s death, Kiyingi had graduated from Makerere University, Uganda with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He had started traveling and studying widely around the world. He, during that period completed his specialist cardiology training in Sydney, Australia at Westmead and Concord Hospitals.

He became a consultant cardiologist in 1989. He later became consultant physician with extensive experience in tropical medicine. He later specialized in general adult cardiology and echocardiography and his clinical interests include preventative cardiology, echocardiography, hypertension, and general medicine.

Upon inquiring about his father’s death, he started facing hostility from the current government, later to be accused of killing his lawyer wife, Robinah Kiyingi, who was gunned down in Buziga. He was later set free by court.

Dr Kiyingi says, his wife was killed for political reasons and also says he was framed for her death. “By getting rid of her, they silenced her. By getting rid of me, they get rid of a threat,” he said.

He developed an intimate relationship with Robinah in 1971 after completing his A level.

The family left Uganda in 1980 and stayed briefly in Kenya, where Dr Kiyingi worked part-time at a village hospital in Kitui, Machakos and later at Kalolemi in Mombasa. While in Nairobi, the family stayed at the home of Robinah’s sister, Dr Eve Kasirye Alemu, who was then living in Nairobi.

In May 2002, he promised to set up a sh10b fund to promote computer awareness in the country. Together with his wife Robinah, he founded Dehezi International, a Kampala-based computer and Internet service provider, which has helped to sell computers to schools and other organisations at subsidized rates.

After the death of his wife and the successful acquittal of Dr Kiyingi, he married yet another woman, Galimeya Kiyingi in a simple function held in Kenya. They now have a number of children.

Since then, Dr Kiyingi has attempted to contest for the presidency of this country. Ugandans however contemplate whether the cardiac doctor will return to the country and contest. His wife has also severally said, she would contest for the Mawokota South MP slot.


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