Entebbe former MP Kawuma rejoins Politics, eyes Mayoral seat

Former Entebbe Legislator Muhammed Kawuma made a wildly and bold return to the Entebbe political scene after spending the last five years in dormancy, but this time vying for the Municipality Mayorship.

Kawuma has decided to aim all his guns at incumbent Vincent Kayanja Depaul, the two were once close during their happy Democratic Party days and the latter had recruited Kawuma, but the pair have since parted ways and many believe this a retribution match for Kawuma.

The reason for the fallout is not clear, but it was bred within the Democratic Party, propaganda and the pair contradicted each other on several occasions and this would shape them for a journey of no return.

Incumbent Kayanja Vincent Depaul, Mayor Entebbe Municipality.

Mp. Kawuma was a household name when still in parliament during his 10year tenure between 2006 and 2016, and he would be remembered for his average and mediocre political ideas, and he would fairly go down as a man that tried but his works were never sufficient to save him.

But alas, his words defied him when he moved in to challenge for Kayanja’s second Mayorship bid in 2016; he had been christened among the NRM flock. He had bitten the hand that once fed him.

At one NRM outing in 2015, a rather frustrated Kawuma made reckless utterances that he would commit incest with his own mother if Kayanja Depaul became victorious in the Mayorship polls.

The damage had been done, the last ties of respect had been broken, the electorate was outraged and furious at their Member of Parliament, they could not believe their very own, saying such, even Judas Iscariot would do better.

But what did Kawuma know then, a day would dawn and his former friend now bitter rival Vincent Kayanja would emerge victorious in the polls and the voters were ready to hurl insults, covered the compound of his Kitoro based building complex with Condom sachets of all types and scream obscenities at Kawuma.

The memories from his vicious fight with a one Gyaviira who used to operate a Butchery in the old Kitooro taxi park are still vivid and laughable, how an honorable member of parliament hammered the last nail in his political coffin.

But people do change, and conveniently for the better. He may have changed, Kawuma joined the new phenomenon-NUP / People Power and ready to challenge for Mayorship.

We can’t wait to listen to his new views and ideas that he wants to incorporate into the Entebbe life, for a city deserves more and so much more.


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