Ex-Military Man Attacks RDC

Drama ensued as ex UPDF Private John Tabahirwe stormed office of the Entebbe RDC Noor Njuki this morning vandalizing windows and other property to show his frustration amidst the Corona Virus lockdown.

The disgruntled Private decries lack of means to transport him to Mulago Hospital where his son is hospitalized after a beating from the LDU men on Sunday night.

He claims that the government has failed to provide him with a vehicle since he has no money to get fuel, which is a requirement for one to use the gazetted vehicles at the moment.

Tabahirwe being whisked away by security

Tabahirwe says that his gratuity is long overdue and he can barely take care of his health and other expenses, he currently lives in debt. He has injuries and terrible ulcers on his legs that he sustained during his UPDF service before he was forced into retirement .

Entebbe RDC Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabali

“We him an emergency permit to enable him take his son to Mulago, these permits last for a day and he had to get it renewed. We were shocked to see him make a return today.”says the RDC

“I am reviewing the situation critically and we shall take legal action against Tubahirwe for the malicious damage and the contempt displayed today” Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabali added.

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