Entebbe’s Vincent Depaul Kayanja; Leading Uganda’s Gateway

In 2017 at the Rock City Mall in Mwanza city of Tanzania, more than 80 nautical miles South East of Lake Victoria, two Ugandan leaders namely; Willy Lugoloobi, the Kalangala District Chairperson and Vincent DePaul Kayanja the Mayor for Entebbe made deliberations at the Lake Victoria Regional Local Authorities and Counties Cooperation (LVRLAC).

The presentations, meant to highlight key challenges among which Local Authorities around the Lake Victoria shoreline faced while governing the different territories saw the two leaders passionately advocate for a right for every human being, the protection of the citizenry against piracy and the improvement of the Health and Education Standards of people with in and along the Lake Victoria Basin.

The Secretariat later passed the baton of the LVRLAC leadership to DePaul Kayanja to steer the organization forward. The Leaders later engaged in a social evening at Villa Park, one of the best night spots along the shoreline in Mwanza City.

Before, a tour of Mwanza City was made by the different Leaders who included the Hajji Abas Kiyimba, the Kyengera Town Council Chairperson.

Places such as the magnificent Malaika Resort beach annex Mwanza International Airport refocused Kayanja’s tenacity to remould Entebbe City to the best City along the shoreline.

At that time, Entebbe was the most clean city in Uganda.

Kayanja has over time been struggling with divided forces in both his Political opponents while delivering services to his people, some of whom accuse him of working closely with the NRM with disregard of his affiliations.

However, his deliverables for his two terms as the Municipal Mayor include the facelift of Entebbe schools. “Many had previously been mismanaged.” A source at Entebbe Municipal Council says.

Kayanja a graduate of Local Government and Human Rights from Uganda Martyrs University in Nkozi, Mpigi District has been seen as a simple, calm and accessible officer setting the bar higher for those seeking leadership in Entebbe.

Previously, according to several accounts, former Mayor Stephen Kabuye had turned the Mayoral office into an NRM center where most party mobilizers would sit for strategic Political planning.

Today, Kayanja boasts of having several magnificent roads within Entebbe. Under the USMID and MATTIP programs, he supervised the construction of several roads, the Kitooro taxi Park and Market to such places up to date with modern trading areas.

He also boasts of having engaged in strategic partnerships that have seen Entebbe sell in places such as China.

Kayanja, on his account says, Entebbe being strategically located has a vision of creating opportunity to all dwellers with quality education and blossoming tourism. It is upon such background that he initiated the Entebbe Marathon to generate funds for schools within the area. More than 3 schools have benefitted from the move.

“We now move to create a great tourism city since we have great historical sites and the best tourism facilities. We are planning to have a portal ‘visit entebbe’ where all tourists can find Entebbe’s tourism potential.” He said while speaking to journalists at the Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Center in 2019.

John Mugabi, a Libertarian in Entebbe describes Kayanja as a humble, tolerant and ambitious person but ready to risk everything for his desires.

“He is one of the few politicians who can relate very well with any person irrespective of his or her opinion. I only disagree with him for not supporting the issue of having term limits.” He says.

Kayanja had previously developed interest in contesting for the Municipality Parliamentary seat. He however fell short in the interest of building cohesion within his party, the Democratic Party.

His ambition had created rift as Party supporters remained torn apart between flag bearer Micheal Kakembo Salongo and the Mayor.

Today, he faces competition from NRM’s Fabrice Rulinda, Mike Kabwama Mutebi Nyamayaalwo, the Division A Chairperson among other candidates.

“I want to tell all those who are coming for me, I am also not a simple man. I welcome you to the game.” Kayanja said while at the DP – People Power reunion in Entebbe.

He is formerly a disciplinarian and a Bugonga Catholic Parish church leader.


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