Entebbe residents Storm Katabi Town Council to Receive National IDs

 Dwellers in Entebbe and annex Katabi town council have stormed Katabi town council headquarters to receive National Identification Cards. The residents had spent more than three years without them.

The residents, some of whom had lost their cards while others struggled since the inception of the use of National IDs to get a copy have vowed not to leave the Town council headquarters until the IDs are received

“We are tired of waiting for long a while,” one of the residents Ismail Kityo says.

Katabi Town Council Chairperson Ronald Kalema shares the pain of the residents without IDs. He however remains worried on the increasing number of dwellers waiting for the National IDs. Kalema now wants the National Identification Registration Authority – NIRA to send the distribution of National IDs to the parishes to ensure efficiency.

Gilbert Kadilo, the NIRA Spokesperson says well as there is an increasing number of people waiting the National IDs, the process is delayed by the Covid 19 guidelines being implemented which takes long to work on an individual who has come to pick his or her national identification card.

“We have our lists and they are the ones we must follow while giving out the IDs,” Kadilo says.

National IDs are legally accepted unique identifiers that help any Ugandan to identify self. The IDs, in 2016 were used as part of the requisite requirements for one to vote.


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