Entebbe RDC to Arrest Impersonators

By George William Kakooza

Entebbe RDC Noor Njuki has warned that all impersonators situated around the office of the RDC, Director of Public Prosecutions and DISO’s office extorting money from people who need help from such offices.

Often times, people who get to the RDC’s office in Entebbe are extorted leaving the offices around in disrepute.

Now, the deputy RDC in charge of Entebbe Noor Njuki has revealed that that he has received such reports, residents complaining of increased extortion that portrays as if he solicits bribes from clients to get quicker services.

Entebbe RDC Noor Njuki. Photo by GSA

All RDCs and deputies in the Country were directed to enforce the Presidential directive to fight against Coronavirus spread.

“After receiving complaints and allegations from people for extortion for service delivery from unknown goons, I have directed that Police arrests all goons who are found in such acts,’’ Njuki says.

Njuki also noted that he has further received complaints and warned all Security operatives in in the fight against COVID 19 to behave normally and stop harassing residents. Uganda has so far received 52 positive cases of Coronavirus since the pandemic rocked the world.


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