Entebbe: PWD elections marred by violence and drama

By Moses Sentamu

The special interest group elections took a twist of violence and drama on monday in Bunono as People with disabilities(PWD) voted for their parish committees from the village level committees.

The drama arose from failure to verify some voters and candidates citing not being known to the local folk, leading to an exchange of blows by village party chairmen of the NRM and Democratic Party.

Later on the situation was handled after police intervetion and the earlier contested voters were permitted after to participate in the vote.

voters line up at a polling station

The NRM would go on to register a landslide victory by clinching all the 5 available positions from the Democratic party. The committee is made up by a Chairperson, a vice chairperson,Secretary, Finance and Publicity.

photos by GSA

Special Interest Groups elections will continue on wednesday with the Parish Youth council elections.

Elsewhere, the NRM dominated the PWD elections with a 70% win rate in and around Entebbe.

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