Entebbe People Power MP Contestants trade insults to maintain sole candidacy

There is a bitter fight within the People Power (National Unity Platform) camp in Entebbe as some of the first Politicians to identify selves as People Power supporters move to block other people from joining the party and contesting on different electoral positions.

The infighting stems from older Democratic Party cadres including Micheal Kakembo Mbwatekamwa and Muhammad Kawuma crossing to the National Unity Platform and ring fenced the Member of Parliament electoral position and that of the Municipal Mayor without a due electoral management process at the National Unity Platform grass roots.

This prompted other NUP contestants including Stuart Lubwama and Robert Musaazi petitioning the National Unity Platform headquarters in Kamwokya, picking and filling nomination forms.

“The act greatly affected Mbwatekamwa who had ring fenced the position for oneself. He also launched a character assassination project against Stuart Lubwama, one of the contestants.” A source within the People Power Entebbe camp intimates.

Mbwatekamwa also remains the Democratic Party flag bearer for the MP position for the 2021 general elections.

On Monday this week, People Power principal and NUP Party President Robert Kyagulanyi decried the failure of several members who want to hold the NUP party card in the forth coming elections but do not want to leave other party cards.

Now, the NUP Party members have decided to remove some of such candidates including Salongo Mbwatekamwa from their different platforms as they await their final decisions. “We have seen them also mobilize funds from NUP and used such funds to do DP activities leaving our activities not moving,” Samuel Mugoya, one of the NUP Party members says.

While appearing on a political talk show on Next radio last weekend, Roy Ssemboga, one of the founding members of the People Power platform says an Election Management committee is set to handle all such anomalies and get the best candidates for the race.

When contacted, Kakembo told journalists in Entebbe that he has worked so hard for the National Unity Platform party in Entebbe since inception and deserves to be its flag bearer in the forth coming elections.

Sources from the Democratic Party also indicate that the Party leaders in Entebbe municipality are also struggling hard to engage Kakembo to ensure that he returns to his mother party. It is not yet clear if Kakembo would return to the Democratic Party despite holding their MP flag.


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