Entebbe Pastor Arrested for Luring Followers into Sex

Police in Abayita Ababiri, Entebbe has arrested a Pastor accused of defiling, impregnating his followers.

Lauben Kalyabyuma the lead pastor at Kerusin Union Church in Katabi Town Council was last week reported and later arrested by police following accusations by three minors in his church in counts of sexual harassment.

The three minors who spoke to Entebbe Post say, Kalyabyuma lured them to have sexual intercourse through prayer and that he would send demons out of them.

“At the end, he didn’t want us to know what he has done to each of us even when we had shared with one another. One of our colleagues had already been impregnated by the pastor.” says one of the victims.

One of the victims of the Pastor’s actions (PHOTO BY MEDIA LAD – ENTEBBE)

Grace Nakyobe one of the followers of Mr. Kalyabyuma says the teenage girls had earlier shared with her about the occurrences at the Pastor’s office although she could hardly help due to fear. “I however advised them to report the matter to Police.”

“Prayers had turned into romance. The Pastor had also started the quest to have some of us get married to him,” she adds.

The Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Force in Entebbe when contacted about the incident said the institution is still investigating the matter. Records at Police indicate that prior to recording a defilement case; the minors and other church bearers had recorded a case of theft against the man of God.

There has been a growing number of Pastors across the country who have been accused of feasting on followers, discrediting the role done by the men of God while preaching.


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