Entebbe Mayor urges Government to Address the Hunger problem

By George William Kakooza

It is two weeks ever since the Covid-19 task force stepped up to extend relief items to the under privileged Ugandans to take them through the lock-down period. The process started on the first day of April 2020.

The government identified a category of people that needed assistance to keep home during this period. However a section of Ugandans have not received these relief items.

This does not sit well with Mayor Vincent DePaul Kayanja considering the demographics of Entebbe, the biggest fraction of his people depend on a daily income and barely have any money and hunger may breakout and nevertheless fears crime may become a norm.

The Mayor Kayanja further says that, the President’s warning was adhered to, but during this period, a number of residents in the lockdown are crying for hunger, while they wait for Government promised food.

Kayanja urges government to urgently give redress as regards to the status quo, hence keeping the people safe and health. Thus a revised plan that will carter for all persons.

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