Entebbe Mayor Kayanja calls for compensation of 4000 Namiiro Swamp residents

The Mayor of Entebbe Municipality Vincent Kayanja De Paul has called upon the relevant authorities to compensate the over 4000 occupants on Namiiro swamp in Entebbe Division B.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Water and Environment, Kayanja has highlighted the impact of the evictions that would cause insecurity and instability in Entebbe Municipality.

Kayanja urges that by the time these settlements commenced since 2001 to-date, the Entebbe Municipal Council, Ministry of Lands and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) have all been silent with the settlements as far as over 1200 households.

Some of the flooded houses at Namiiro Swamp

“The caution, sensitization and awareness about the wetland was undertaken in 2018 and a lot of community meetings were held to educate and inform the public about the need to preserve the wetlands and also the NEMA 1995 Act. I strongly believe that as the Local Authority, we failed to do our part. As Ministry of Water and NEMA, you also did not reach out and guide inspite of having total knowledge of the Environmental Laws that came into effect in 1995”

With the COVID-19 lockdown and its accompanying negative economic and social challenges, the Mayor appeals to both the local and central government to have a human face in any of its undertaking with Government humanitarian initiative and food relief as opposed to eviction and lose of shelter.

Therefore, the Mayor calls for a component of compensation of investments made and provision of food relief.

The letter of concern was also copied to the Deputy Resident District Commissioner – Entebbe (Hajji Noor Njuki Mbabaali), the Hon. Member of Parliament – Entebbe Municipality (Hon. Rose Mary Tumusiime), Executive Director – NEMA (Mr. Tom Okurut) and the Town Clerk – Entebbe Municipal Council (Mr. Charles Magumba).

The occupants at Namiiro Swamp had been given until 19th June 2020 to evacuate the wetland.

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