Entebbe Market Construction Almost Complete

By Sulah Kagugube

The construction of the Entebbe main market will be complete before the end of this year. This has been revealed after a visit by municipal leaders in the market place in Kitooro, Entebbe municipality on Thursday.

Vincent Kayanja DePaul, the Municipal Mayor in an interview with journalists said, the construction of the market that started seven years ago will be ready for commissioning before December this year.

The market was constructed with funds from the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program   MATIP while the taxi park is being constructed with funds from the USMID project.  It’s budget was at 15 billion in 2013 before it increased to 27 billion after four years of infighting between the political leaders in Entebbe over the choice of location of the market.

Currently, all stalls in the market have been constructed, the building has been painted and installations and lockers fully instituted. Seyani International Co. Ltd was awarded the contract for the market construction 

Kayanja says all stalls and shops in the market are almost complete and will be given out for use at a commercial rate. This according to the Mayor will boost the collection of local revenue within the area.

Entebbe Municipal Officials led by Mayor Vincent Kayanja moving around the market (PHOTO BY GSA)

The market after commissioning will create space for 934 stalls. People supposed to be working in the market are currently working on the streets in Kitooro. The Mayor now says, no person will be allowed to work on the road side after the commissioning of the installations so as to keep the area clean.  

Several roads leading to Nakiwogo now act as market places including the prescripts of the Entebbe Division B offices. Some of the vendors relocated to markets Like Nakiwogo which have been characterized as untidy, lacking proper sewage management systems.

While speaking before Entebbe Municipality stakeholders at Lake Victoria Hotel last year, Entebbe town Clerk Charles Magumba said, several of the projects in Entebbe Municipality have stalled due to infighting among Political leaders.

The infighting according to the Town Clerk is a result of selfish interests and again among several Municipal leaders who always want new developments be taken to each of the areas they represent. This alone led to the delay in the construction of the market under the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program   MATIP.  

The town clerk now says, such infighting needs to end so as to let development within the municipality occur effectively.

Several traders have already started booking stalls at the municipal council.


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