Entebbe Kiwafu play ground re-greening drive takes effect

By our reporter

Across the country, the issue of having well maintained play grounds remains a key priority.

In Entebbe Municipality, the Kiwafu Play ground is one of those public open spaces that has duly served the purpose time immemorial.

Right from the early 1970’s this ground which is sandwiched by residences has been used for civic purposes by the general public, often used for other non sporting activities as campaign rallies and public prayers especially for the Muslim faith.

The ground is currently undergoing a serious re-greening drive and general renovation that has witnessed a perimeter wire mesh erected in the first phase.

Salongo Stanley “Kapeere” Namayirira, the Entebbe Division B chairperson explains the value of fencing off this ground, re-greening the surface and general maintenance as well.

The current state of Kiwafu playgrounds. photos by Entebbe post

“It was a decision undertaken in unison by Entebbe Division B to have the Kiwafu playground developed. First, by fencing, leveling, grading, re-greening and then the other aspects will come later” Namayirira discloses to Entebbe Post in an exclusive interview. 

Kiwafu Central 1 chairperson Mulongo Harriet Babirye humbly appeals to the entire public for positive cooperation in this noble cause that will ensure a green surface for the Kiwafu playground and also keep safe the fencing.

“There is good work done so far and the residents have been appreciative. We hope there will be collective duty to maintain the green surface and keep the fencing safe as well” Mulongo Babirye appeals. 

Other play grounds in Entebbe Municipality: 

Entebbe Municipality has quite a number of sports grounds to mention; the Works play-ground, Fisheries Training Institute play-ground, Katabi Gombolola play-ground, Entebbe SS play-ground, Nakiwogo Banga Play-ground, Kigungu play-ground, Lake Victoria Primary School play-ground, Entebbe Comprehensive SS play-ground, Air base play-ground, Katabi Busambaga ground (home of Entebbe Plascon Mongers Rugby Club) and the vast Kakeeka play-ground (Cricket oval) which is within the gigantic Entebbe Golf Club Course.

The first phase of development for the Entebbe Kiwafu play ground is expected to be complete by December 2020.

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