Entebbe Hospital Staff Open lid on Covid-19

By Priscilla Atwiine

“ I had thought people would be unwilling to work, I thought we would be facing a situation where patients were totally neglected and isolation ward to which people wouldn’t want to come because it would just be a mortuary . But they had implemented the manual a very specialized recipe. They were giving highly sophiscated care” Dr Mathew Lukwiya

It takes courage to stand up and confront a deadly viral disease such as Covid-19, the words of the late National hero Dr Mathew Lukwiya still linger in the minds of the Entebbe Regional referral hospital frontliners with fresh memories we had a chat with some of the nurses involved in taking care of the patients at the hospital and how they are facing the pandemic.

“I got courage from an Uncle of mine who was once among the people who went to treat Ebola in Liberia during its outbreak this gave me hope that I can also take part in this pandemic.” intimates Veronica Nambi who is in charge of logistics and medicine in the hospital.

Veronica Nambi Ssebunya (in blue scrub) and Our Reporter Priscilla Atwiine during the interview.

In an interview with Veronica she informed Entebbe Post that on a daily basis she provides personal protective equipment cover, N95 masks and all masks to ensure enough protection of the workers so as to prevent the spread of the virus from the patients to the health workers.

“Some of the challenges I have faced include not being able to see my family members and learning how to adjust to the working time however admist all this the government has provided us with everything we need including good meals.”

We work as a team and support each other some patients are resistant when you try talking to them  they talk long to open up because they believe they are not sick so you just have to be patient with them

Kibanda Grace a general nurse at the hospital in an interview with him stated that they have to create rapport with the patients In order to get familiar with them and open on how they feeling and also counseling the patients worked the magic. 

Grace Kibanda,General Nurse at Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital

“In the beginning we faced a challenge of few equipments since the numbers were many from the suspected patients to the confirmed patients and also stigma from the community and even family members who knew that even the doctors could be sick so we were resisted.” says Grace Kibanda

Kibanda Grace

“As we are celebrating the international nurses and midwives day I call upon fellow health workers to serve the nation in our respective places and make patients our first priority together we can fight this pandemic.” says Kibanda

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