Entebbe dwellers: NAM conference is only inconveniencing us

Save for the noise pollution from the VIP convoys and the traffic diversions within the Entebbe area, dwellers within Entebbe are already complaining of not benefiting from the ongoing Non Allied Movement – NAM summit that is taking place in Munyonyo, Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The conference is for the first time being held in Uganda.

Unlike the Chogum 2007 summit where a number of people within Entebbe benefitted from selling crafts, attending to guests in a number of recreation and the hotels in the area, the NAM conference has seen a number of guests lodging in Kampala and thus Entebbe kept being left out.

Currently, the dwellers within Entebbe City are complaining, all guests, upon reaching Entebbe International Airport, all they hear are sirens from the airport enroute Kampala.

“We still await to see them return to Entebbe for crafts shopping from our people, pass by Victoria Mall and eat from our local restaurants ahead of visiting the Entebbe Zoo,” says Ismail Kimbugwe, one of the traders within Entebbe.

Also, part from the rehabilitation of the passenger terminals at Entebbe International Airport and the painting of the road island from Katabi to Entebbe town, the planting of flowers did not effectively take off since they were planted late.

“Besides, the role of planting flowers along the Entebbe road was not awarded to the people of Entebbe so, our people did not get jobs from the casual work that was done,” an official who asked not to be named told this website.

The dweller’s only hope is now at the end of the summit when guests are returning to the airport hoping it is only when they will have time to spend in the Entebbe area.

“You see now, even our cyclists have had their bodabodas confiscated and am told they will b returned to them after January 25th and, at a fee. This is not promoting businesses, it is killing them,” another dweller within the vicinity told this website.

Usually guests buy crafts and traditional wear made in Uganda each time they visit crafts shops within Entebbe. The crafts industry contributes hugely to the employment of Ugandans living in the area. It also contributes to the generation of locally generated revenue for Entebbe Municipal Council.


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